Saturday, June 18, 2011

Tropea. Calabria. Italia.

Where to begin?  I have been without a good internet connection for the last couple weeks and so have fallen behind on posting anything lengthy or very descriptive of my time here.  I arrived in the little paradise of Tropea about two and a half weeks ago, and cannot imagine another place where i would rather spend a month of summertime.  Tropea is a tiny village sitting on top of a cliff right above the sea in the region of Calabria in southern Italy.  The sea is calm, vast, turquoise, and crystal clear.  I rented a little apartment up on the hill above town before arriving and could not have chosen anything better... i have my own little home, complete with a tiny kitchen, cookware, a real shower, a moka pot, flowers, a hommock, and a beautiful terrace covered in grapevines that overlooks the village and the sea.  It is the perfect size for me to throw down my yoga mat and practice, cool and shady when the sun is too hot, ideal for a glass of wine and aperativo at sunset...

Just as exciting as my little home, if not more, is my scooter. I am in love and definitely want one of my own when i return home.  Zipping around on my piccolo motorino is the funnest thing i've discovered in a long time.  It is a quick and exhilarating ride down the hill into town and then down to the sea, and usually by the time i have done my practice in the morning, sipped a cappucino, felt the wind in my hair on my little scooter ride, and immersed myself in sweet blue sea water, my heart is as full and happy as a humming bumblebee with a sack full of pollen. 

If these simple drops of pleasure were all I had been given I would be completely satisfied.  But of course there is always more.  This is the play and the promise of matter what we have or don't have, there is always more.  For me, the unexpected gift of this journey has been the people i have met along the way.  For one who so deeply loves solitude and solace, I am not always seeking interaction with people i pass on the street, but it seems that when you travel alone these random connections with strangers happen easily and naturally, and i have been blessed with a beautiful flowering of aquaintences and friendships in this little village.  Tropea is one of those little towns where everyone knows everyone, and already it is impossible to pass a few blocks without seeing a friendly familiar face.  I was somehow lucky enough to meet a few very good souls within my first few days here, who of course introduced me to more good ones, and I feel as though i have been embraced by a sweet family of hearty and passionate Calabrian angels.  Southern Italy is a rough region riddled with problems and economic hardship, but the strength of the heart and the value of family and community that it has cultivated is unparalled.  It is truly beautiful, and reminds me daily of how grateful i am for my own family and friendships at home.

Speaking of which, I got to spend a whole week with my dear friend Emily, who came to visit me here before returning to work at an Umbrian winery.  It was a week full of delicious food, too much wine, laughter, dancing and random adventures.  This world feels spectacurly small when friends are never far away.  

The sun is dropping into the sea like a huge golden ball as i write these words, and the boats are returning to the harbor after a day of watery luminescence.  Who knows where they have been, who knows what the fish think of it all, who knows what the moon has done to prepare for her nightly appearance, who knows what tomorrow will bring....

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  1. oh Sea! You're adventure is so inspiring. I love traveling alone and meeting people. It seems to happen so effortlessly. I still don't understand how on earth you made this happen for yourself. Well done. I miss miss miss miss Italy. I think you're moka pot is what really tipped me over the edge. Sigh. Send the sea my kisses and drink a glass down in my favor. Love to your beautiful adventures!