Saturday, May 28, 2011

Tropea, I am in love.

Napoli. Chaos, pizza and gritty aliveness.

Naples is one of those cities that grabs you up in its grimy fingers and swllows you whole.  It is one of those cities without stoplights or crosswalks, and every time you cross the street you must risk your life to do so.  You have to take a deep breath, say a prayer, and step out in front of the speeding cars with the hope that they will have the decency to slow down. Amazingly enough they usually do, and your heart skips a few beats as you wind your way to the other side of the river of traffic...and just when you think you've made it safely, a scooter zooms around the corner and you must jump to the sidewalk to avoid being skinned.
The whole ordeal makes this gritty thing we call life seem magnificently precious.  Its also amazing how quickly we can get used to putting life on the line every few minutes simply for the sake of pursuing whatever may happen to catch one's eyes on the other side of the street.
Luckily, it does not take long in Naples to leave the hectic main streets behind and get gulped up in tiny twisting alleyways where laundry hangs like prayerflags above you and old women hang like secret agents out of there windows.  I spent hours meandering through these allyways, completely lost, on a distracted mission to find what the city is perhaps best known for... the perfect pizza!!
It took me a long time, many twist and turns, and plenty of distractions, but finally i came upon the inconspicuous but divinely renowned Pizzeria di Matteo.  I ordered a margerita pizza and watched as they tossed it in their great big stone oven with stealthy expertize, and then carried it like a prize to a seat in the shade of the piazza where i could give this aromatic disc of mouthwatering pomodoro seduction the attention it deserved.  As I picked up that first perfect slice, dripping with light tomato broth, luscious mozzerella and an adornment of basilico, and took my first bite, the chaotic bustle of the city suddenly faded into a hazy silence, and i was completely consumed.  Completely enamored may be more accurate, to the very last bite. 
I thought that living in San Francisco I had been spoiled with the best pizza available, but i must admit that such an opinion has been humbled.  This was a universe of its own, a flat planet of delicious perfection, a landscape oozing with utter satisfaction. Yes, i must concur, Naples reigns supreme when it comes to pizza.

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Today was one of those days...

Les Puces

 Even in secret twisting alleyways
where dust and fleas
throw endless tea parties
with shy shadows,
there are treasures playing hide and seek,
peeking through the rubble,
eager to be loved.

Sunday, May 22, 2011


As soon as i arrived in Paris I remembered why I love this city.  She is truly magical, especially in springtime.  It has been a full week, made up of continually dazzling moments.  I am dazzled by sunshine, by music, by smiles.  By beauty, by rhythm, by surprises.  Paris reminds me that to live is to love, and that to love is to act whole-heartledly, without holding back.  I have been generously taken care of and enthusiastically swept up in the bursting throb of this city.  Little by little, a wild sense of wonder is sprouting in my heart.

Friday, May 13, 2011

Stepping forth...

well, here goes my first attempt at a blog.  for those of you who know the whole story, i don't need to explain.  for those of you who don't, I will give the short version.  after three very full and rewarding years in san francisco i have finally heeded the call to seek out a slower pace. i have always dreamed of living by the mediteranean sea for a bit, dreamed of fishing boats, water, sunshine and salt. i also love paris. and yoga, and finding spontaneous adventure in the mysterious and playful abyss of the unknown.
so i bought a ticket to europe and find myself just days away from setting out across the seas. my plans include some anusara yoga training, a studio in southern italy, a scooter, a camera, a swim suit, and complete surrender to the whims of grace.  i envision that this journey will be somewhat of a pilgrimage...a time to ask myself big questions and listen for the answers... a time to nurture intuition and strike up a conversation with my heart...a turning in as much as a venturing out...

the journey began last week as i packed my car full of everything i own and set out with my trustworthy road companion rob, towards dad's house in lyons, colorado, with a quick stop in arizona to soak up some sweet family time and early summer sunshine.  i have come to learn that everything is a pulsation, so it makes sense that the journey begins with going home.  home to wind sun desert rivers, home to the place where i was born, home to family, home to love, home to the wild impulse of my heart.

i can't express how grateful i am to be setting off with so much love, support and excitement at my back, and for all of you who have expressed interest in my wanderings. hopefully this will offer just a little taste of my experiences...